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To accept cash or not accept cash, that is the question

The great thing about owning vending machines that  accept cash is fanning yourself with dollar bills, rolling around in a bed of bills, and leaving fat cash tips everywhere you go.   The bad part about accepting cash is as follows: INCREASED MAINTENANCE.  The majority of maintenance issues your machine will suffer from are cash-related.  This includes bill jams, bills ripping inside the machine, coin jams, people shoving foreign coins or strange objects into the coin slot, your coin mech running out of coins and refusing to accept bills leading to customer confusion and rage. DEALING WITH COINS.  If you want to accept cash, be prepared to lug heavy coins around with your on your route.  A cash-taking machine must have a working coin mechanism,  even if everything you sell is in whole dollar increments .  If your coin mech is too low on coins, it won’t accept dollar bills.  How low is too low depends on the price of products you are selling.    Ex.) If the most expensive thing in your

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