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6 years later

It's been a minute since I last wrote a blog entry. Six years if anyone is counting!  Somewhere between getting pregnant and discovering instagram , I fell away from blogging.  But in these Covid times where I rarely leave my house,  I've been reflecting on life and my business, and I want write about what I have learned in 7+ years of creative vending.    Hands down the best thing about vending is its flexibility.  Since starting my business in 2013 I have run The Venderia in a few different ways depending on what else I was juggling in life.  Here's the evolution and a brief recap of what's been going on while this blog was dormant. PHASE I.  Happy Fool  ~2013 I knew nothing about machines when I got started, as the previous posts on this blog illustrate!  But it was fun.  I was making lots of weird product.  Money was coming in.  And with only a few machines in operation & very few obligations (no kid, no house, no health insurance), I was able to just play aroun

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